Apollo Jazz Network News

Things are in motion for the 2 confirmed Apollo tours and plans are underway for a third taking place around September/October.

Our inaugural tour, featuring Jude Williams, takes place next month. She will perform in Bradford (February 21st), Leeds (February 23rd), Edinburgh (March 17th) and Glasgow (March 18th) between February 21st and March 18th. To find out more about Jude ahead of her gigs, you can read her interview with Jazz Yorkshire.

Our second tour will take place in July and will feature LOCUS – a six-piece group fronted by NYC saxophonist Leah Gough-Cooper and featuring Kim Macari, Riley Stone-Lonergan, Sam Leak, Tom Wheatley and Jay Davis. As well as a tour, we have plans to produce an album of LOCUS material. Dates are still being added to the schedule, but for now we have –

19th July – Olivers, London

24th July – The Lescar, Sheffield

27th July – HEART, Leeds

(somewhere between) 19th July – 28th July – Edinburgh International Jazz Festival, Scotland

We are looking to welcome new venues and musicians to the scheme, so stay tuned for more news.