Laurie Frink

This evening I found out about the death of Laurie Frink, who passed away yesterday.

Laurie was an inspirational woman – one I have admired for over 10 years. She represented something remarkable – a world class performer who was also a world class educator.

For a number of years, I have dreamt of studying under Laurie, having used her method Flexus and Caruso to shape my technical practice. For the last few months, Laurie and I were in contact arranging lessons for December this year. She helped with applications, visas and funding. We discussed lessons and teaching and cats. I can’t explain how much I was looking forward to December – there have been many times during my practice I have noticed something in my playing, big or small, and thought “I’ll ask Laurie about that.”. It’s with enormous sadness that I realise we’ll never spend that time together.

My thoughts go out to her family, friends and students.



  1. I just found out about it right now through a note on the german wikipedia site. I am shocked. Laurie helped me so much in building up a fundament of playing when I had had the pleasure of taken lessons with her in autumn/winter 2001. We´ve been in touch for some years and I managed to meet her again and play a trumpet/electronics session with her in 2007. I remember her as being extremely welcoming, helpful, understanding, very openminded and of a strong down-to-earth sort of humor. I haven`t been in touch with her last years and thought of meeting her in august on a stopover in NY. I already miss her.


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