LOCUS Review – Manchester Jazz Festival (Jazzwise)

Thanks to Robert Beard at Jazzwise for this review of our Manchester Jazz festival appearance. Read full article.

Trumpeter Kim Macari’s Locus featured inspired and thoughtful playing by the leader and saxophonist Leah Gough-Cooper, proving sensitivity is always better than the glazed-eyed thrashing of a Benoit or frenzied whoop-it-up of Fresh Dixie. The evening session at RNCM with a pan-European selection of leading younger players including the UK’s Arun Ghosh on clarinet and Chris Sharkey on guitar gave an insight into just how strong the European scene continues to be. Courtesy of the Take Five Europe project (an extended residential, meeting and learning opportunity for high flyers) the resulting band had numerous individual styles and qualities, as did much of their material. The discovery lesson of the day was that it is highly focussed musicians like Kim and Leah who should be in line for similar opportunities a couple of years from now.

IMG_0549                                            Photo by Alex Quan


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