Emerging Excellence Awards


I’m so excited to be able to announce that I’ve won an Emerging Excellence Award from the Musicians Benevolent Fund.

I am using the award to fund a trip to the USA in late November, where I’ll be studying with one of my musical heroes, Ingrid Jensen. Aside from studying with Ingrid, I will also be going into the studio with Leah Gough-Cooper and Riley Stone-Lonergan to record some original material written by all of us. Then I’m heading to Washington to meet with my Apollo partner Ken Avis to start making plans for our US/UK gig exchanges programme and look at how we can broaden Apollo to include not only UK jazz musicians, but US ones too.

This comes at the perfect time – being able to keep the momentum going from the LOCUS tour is great and we’ll have time to plan our next LOCUS move. To have the opportunity to record my own music at an NYC studio with some wonderful musicians is fantastic and I can’t wait to hang out with Ingrid Jensen!

It’s a great step forward for Apollo, too. We’re hoping to pilot the US/UK exchange scheme mid-2014 and after that, look to give more musicians the opportunity to perform overseas at a manageable cost (!)

My sincere thanks go to MBF and the panel that I presented to a few weeks ago. This is just the start…!


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