August is almost drawing to a close and it’s been a good month. We’ve completed Phase One of the GftA-funded project with the Promoters Network. We’ve hosted two day-long sessions of sessions with expert speakers and addressed key issues including fundraising, education, marketing and audience development. The feedback has been good and now it’s time to use that feedback to plan Phase Two, to take place in the autumn.

We’ve finalised our Autumn season for Jazz at HEART and we have some lovely gigs coming up between now and Christmas.

Apollo has a number of things in the pipeline, including our first Apollo Collaboration taking place on October 12th at HEART in Leeds. This will feature guitarist Stuart McCallum, pianist David Austin-Grey plus some great Leeds musicians. Our vision to expand Apollo into the USA is starting to become reality, with 2 US exchanges in the pipeline – one to take place in May 2014 and another later in the year. I am so excited to meet with both of these bands when we travel to NYC and Washington in just under 3 months (!) and discuss what happens next.

Speaking of US, we’ve booked our flights and leave for NYC on November 26th. It’s now time to get writing, as we’ll be recording all original material at the studio, by myself, Riley and Leah. Can’t wait to play with Leah again!


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