NEWS: LOCUS Release on New Jazz Records

New Jazz RecordsI’m delighted to spread the news that two LOCUS tracks have been released by the New Jazz Records label and are available to listen to and purchase on the New Jazz Records Bandcamp page.

The tracks come from our Leeds date at HEART in Headingley during our UK tour back in November. James Hamilton did a great job of recording us and I’m really pleased with the results.

It acts as a little taster for a full album release we’ll make on the label later this year.

The tracks, like everything on the label, are offered on a pay-what-you-feel basis (and let me tell you, whatever you decide to pay you’ll be getting value for money as our two tracks total just shy of 30 minutes of music!)

The two tunes available are Leah Gough-Cooper’s Ex Machina and Riley Stone-Lonergan’s Meteors. (We played Meteors with Enrico Zanisi’s trio at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and it went down a storm)

So do please go ahead and have a listen to our tracks and stay tuned for more.


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